What’s YOUR Skin Type

Simple Questions to Help Define Skin Types
By answering the following questions, you’ll be able to choose your correct skin type.
QUESTION:                                      DRY:        NORMAL/COMB:      OILY:
Do you break out?                         Rarely          Occasionally                 Frequently
Do you have blackheads?             Few/none    T-zone                          Problem
What do your pores look like?     Small            T-zone                          Enlarged
How does you skin look one
hour after cleansing?                    Dry/tight     Slightly tight for           Oil in T-Zone
first 1/2 hour
Do you have facial lines?             A Lot             Few                                None
Does your foundation melt         Hardly           By mid day                   Within 2 hours
away during the day?

*Combination skin can vary, leaning more toward oily or more toward dry depending upon the individual as
well as situation including time of year, stress, time of month, etc. answer the questions based on the way your
customer’s skin is now. (You may have to adjust her skincare regime as her skin changes.)

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