Winterize Your Skin

Winter is the coldest season and lies between autumn and spring. During winter, the days are short and nights are long. And while we all love that infamous white Christmas, winter can be and is very harsh on the skin.  

So regardless of your Skin type, be aware that the dry climate of winter depletes your skin of its natural hydration.  This article was written to help you combat the brutal effects of winter weather no matter how mild or severe a climate you reside in.

The goal is to maintain a healthy glowing Complexion year round.  And in doing  it often requires changing or adding to your regular skin care routine.  Your regular routine should consist of : cleanser, toner and moisturizer. However,  if you notice a drop in your hydration level, there are a few things you can do to maintain that healthy glow.

The first thing to try is to change you moisturizer to one for dry skin. This recommendation is best for people who have normal skin. And more importantly,  use this product at night. The reason I suggest it for night, is because when you are asleep,  you body is automatically repairing itself.  As your body is restoring its natural hydration and repairing any damage from the climate and other self inflicted damage, the product used at this time will give the best results.

For those of you who are normally dry, my recommendation to you is to add a serum to your routine. As you continue to use the same basic skin care products for your dry skin, the serum will help you maintain your hydration level. If by adding the serum you are still experiencing dryness, you may want to change your nighttime moisturizer to one for severe dryness. This woukd be a heavier moisturizer,  and again use it at night time for best results.  Keep in mind, your goal is to maintain a normal hydration level, this will help you achieve that.

Believe it or not,  even people with oily skin are affected as well. While I personally don't recommend you changing your basic skin care products,  I strongly suggest a serum being used. Preferably a Glycolic serum. Glycolic serums are nothing to be afraid of, and can be greatly beneficial in the long run. The Glycolic ingredient help combat bacteria that causes acne as well as assist in the hydration of skin. Another helpful benefit is the mild removal of dead skin. The last benefit alone will help you achieve that beautiful glowing skin.

So while some goals are to look beautiful, our mission is to always promote healthy skin. So remember, regardless of the skin type, condition, or even the makeup brand you choose to wear, if you skin is not at a healty state, the radiant healthy look will NOT be achievable. Be beautiful and Winterize ayour Skin!

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