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From Basic To Beat: Skin Care

Are you currently frustrated by the lack of results you are getting from your skin care products? How many products would you say you’ve tried in the last 6 months, year, or even several years, only to feel as though you’ve wasted more time and money and still didn’t get the results you desired? Don’t feel alone. We’ve all been there. Even me!

My name is Lara Michelle and that’s exactly where I was when I decided to create a product that would address this issue for not only myself, but for every one that has felt defeated by their skin issues.

I truly believe that every skin care issue can be corrected with proper skin care. Not only does the right skin care products address your issues and concerns, but it enhances your natural beauty when your use the products specific to your skin type.

Speaking of skin type, do you know what your skin type is? There are 3 basic skin types. Every person will fall into one of these categories. Skin type is defined by: Dry, Normal/Combination and Oily. Once you know your skin type you have half way conquered the battle. If you are still not sure, answer the questions below to get a clear determination. Which ever catergory resignates the most is a clear determination of your skin type.

Do you get breakouts? Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Do you get blackheads? Few / None T-Zone All Over
What do your pores look like? Small T-Zone All Over
How does your skin look 1/2 hour after cleansing? Dry /Tight Slightly tight Oil in T-Zone
Do you have facial lines? A lot Few None
Does your foundation melt away during the day? Hardly By mid-day Within 2 hours


Now that you know your skin type, you should use a basic skin care regime that includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer for that type. These three items are your staple products and should be used once in the morning and again at night before going to bed.

Skin Conditions

Now that we’ve covered that, we now need to address skin conditions. Regardless of your skin type, there are several skin conditions that one may be dealing with. These conditions can occur with any skin type and need specific supplemental products to address them. Skin conditions may include acne, sensitivity, rosea, hyper pigmentation and aging.

Did you get confused? Don’t. Let’s walk thru it so you can be equipped to handle this area.

Sensitive skin. I always like to address this first as it is usually overused and misdiagnosed. Have you ever used a new product on your skin and 1-2 weeks later you begin to get break outs? So, you stop using the items. You try something else. 3-4 weeks you experience breakouts again. Well it must be that your skin is so sensitive and everything breaks your out. Sorry to break it to you. The truth of the matter is, you didn’t give the products a chance to work. When you begin using products, they begin to detox your skin. Over time, the products are removing bacteria from your skin.

This bacteria has only one way to leave your body and that is thru your pores. So, while you think you are breaking out, you are actually healing. The worse thing to do is to stop using those products. Because when you stop, the bacteria goes back down. I urge you to stay the course with the items and give them at lease 6-8 weeks to do what they are designed to do.

The breakout will stop and your skin will be more beautiful. If you truly have sensitive skin and experienced an allergic reaction to products, you would know within 30 minutes of applying it, not 3-4 weeks. Sensitive skin usually is identified by redness or itchy. There are calming serums that can be used prior to your moisturizer to sooth the irritation.

Acne. We all know what acne prone skin is. But what most don’t know, is that this can occur and any skin type. While people with Oily skin suffer the most, because of the over active sebaceous gland, people with dry skin also have to deal with acne issues on occasions. To keep the acne breakouts at bay, simply use a breakout serum where you are experience acne breakouts. This serum should be used as needed and only in the areas of breakout.

Aging skin is wildly abused. I call this abuse, because we naturally age and it shows in our skin. But by not taking proper precaution to protect our skin against the elements of the sun, climate change as well as personal habits, like smoking and other recreational activities. These all affect your skin. While there is little to do to reverse prior damage. You can start now slowing it down and loving your skin by using products that address and fight the signs of aging.

Hyper pigmentation is best describes as uneven skin tone or skin discoloration. This can also be a result of sun damage, chemical burn from using the wrong products and even a result of hereditary. The good news is there are products that address this issue as well.

Final Remarks

Wow! That’s a lot of information you just received free of charge. I understand that it may be a little overwhelming if you’re hearing this for the first time. But it is such valuable information. If retained and used when you are choosing your basic skin care and even supplemental items to care for your skin, you are sure to achieve that healthy natural glow we all desire.

To help you even more and make sure you are getting the best products for your skin, my suggesting is the LMC Ultimate Skin Care Kit. This kit is put together specifically by skin type as well as supplemental products for you to try.

Makeup is great! We all love it as it enhances our natural beauty and even changes our entire look. But let’s remember, you must always start with a fresh clean canvas for any application to look its best. Your canvas starts with the proper skin care.


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