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Lara Michelle is the CEO and Founder of the brand. As a licensed professional and former model, she brings over thirty years of experience in the beauty industry to Lara Michelle Cosmetics. As a beauty trainer, Lara understands exactly what it takes to develop a lasting presence in such an ever changing industry. This understanding gives Lara Michelle Cosmetics a competitive advantage in the market place.

Lara has used this advantage to impact the beauty industry as an accomplished makeup entrepreneur who will specialize in dispelling the myths and faux pas of what beauty really is. As a makeup enthusiast Lara possess the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty hidden within her subjects by highlighting their best assets regardless of gender or ethnicity. From makeup application to essential skin care, Lara is a dynamic skin care specialist who understands the full spectrum of beauty as it relates to each individual client.


Lara Michelle Cosmetics LLC's mission is not only to make women beautiful on the outside, but to help them discover their true beauty from within. We start with our Beauty Ambassadors and it spreads to our customers.


We offer a full line of skin care and color cosmetics.Our skin care products are formulated to give to you best results when used properly. The color cosmetics are hypoallergenic. Both are made with the best quality ingredients on the market.


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